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August 11, 2017

Given the fact that I’m the one who does most of the online talking around here, I figured it was about time I introduced myself.



I’m Adisyn, the founder & CEO of Freeleaf- and I never imagined I’d start a social enterprise.


I’m an introvert at heart, a wrestler of ideas, a cautious decision-maker, and I hate being the center of attention—which I interpreted to mean that I don’t like taking risks and I probably wouldn’t be a good leader. I also love simplicity and sunshine and I secretly dreamed of becoming a hermit in the mountains of Colorado… yet here I sit in the middle of a mega-city.


I wouldn’t change it for the world. Though writing an entire blog post about myself makes me want to go hide under the couch. But here goes:


My favorite thing about working at Freeleaf is being able to see women grow in freedom and confidence. Working alongside our staff pushes me daily to be courageous in the face of hardship and to never let go of hope. Being friends with women who have been abused and endured trauma has drastically changed the way I see the world, myself, others, and God... and I am forever grateful to these women who have opened my eyes to so much more.


I also enjoy the challenge of learning all the new things—whether it’s designing products, creating a website, managing social media, marketing products, facilitating holistic care time, or securing wholesale orders—I absolutely love pushing myself and growing with the other women in this office. Still, trying to spin all the plates at once makes me sometimes feel like I'm dropping more than I'm juggling.


I’ve been married to a wonderful man, Charlie, for 4 ½ years now. He’s a stud cinematographer which definitely has its business perks! Check out some of his work here. Watching him pursue his dreams abroad and grow both professionally and personally into the person he was designed to be gives me motivation to do the same. 

I'm a total learnaholic and I just finished my Master’s degree in International Community Development at Northwest University. I’m not-so-secretly dreaming of my next foray into higher education… but have promised myself (and my husband... and my sanity) that I’ll at least let it rest for at least a few years.


I always read 2-3 books at a time, and recently finished The Cross and the Lynching Tree by James H Cone and Hillbilly Elegy by JD Vance. 


My favorite food is bread. And cheese. And wine. And Tex-Mex (#texasforever). And Margaritas. And dark chocolate… And I’m currently 26 days into my first Whole30 which has me listing all the foods I love that I can’t eat for another 4 days. 


My favorite Freeleaf product is probably the coasters .I use them at home every day and love how they're both simple and intricate to complement my existing eclectic collector decor. But I am also a complete sucker for our rugs because I remember making the first prototype in my bedroom 5 years ago when Freeleaf was just a distant fantasy.


I have chronic Lyme disease and have had it for almost 11 years. Learning to balance my illness with my work and my marriage has taught me so much humility and dependence on a strength beyond myself.

To de-stress, I turn my phone on do not disturb mode and choose between cuddling with my cat (pictured above), laying in the sunshine, scrolling through Pinterest humor, or celebrating whatever small accomplishment or holiday I can find.


The hardest thing about living abroad is definitely being far away from my family (who is so wonderful) and figuring out how to have "normal life" in a place that's so different. At the same time, we love the adventure and the way that living abroad always keeps us on our toes.


Living abroad, running Freeleaf, and growing alongside so many strong women is my favorite thing-- I just didn't know I had it in me before I started.

I'd love to connect with you! Follow me on Instagram @_adisyn or email me at

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